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Welcome to those crazy or bored enough to be on this site.  Just for those of you who value your sanity - run while you still have the chance.


If you're still here, then hello, I am Sasaui Uchiha.  Somehow you've stumbled upon my site, Fan Fiction Writers (FFW).  I'm guessing you're either from Tonfa or completely lost.  If you're apart of the latter group, you will either be very happy or very sorry that you chose to stay.  I hope happy, but this place isn't for everyone.  Just the crazy ones like me.


This is a place made for everyone to come to and have fun.  Actually, it was made by accident.  I'd completely abandoned it, and then just stumbled across it again after about a month or two of it just floating around the web.  I hope those of you who came across this place have fun as well.  The people here are great and almost always friendly.  Crazy, but great to be around.  Again, usually.  Sorry, but I'm not a liar here.  Though they are a great group to have as friends.


Some of the things we do here are have fun, just joke around, and everyone once and a while we'll have a contest.  Usually they're by me, but everyone else is open to make one, too.  We also will talk about fanfictions sometime.  Most of the people here write fanfiction on a wonderful site called either or Tonfa.  And, as the background shows, Naruto is something liked here.  So sorry, but you have to learn to love it.


Now that the greetings are over, we must get to the things you must learn before you become a true member of my site.  There are now some rules that will be set out for this site.


1) First off, no arguing.  I mean, small things, but nothing major.  Once I've already had to put my site on hold because everything got too out of hand to the point it was becoming a wild fire.   That is not to happen again.  Like I said, this is a site for fun, not fighting.  And if I say enough, I mean enough.  I will deal out punishments if needed such as the time-out I did.


2) I am a Christian, and so are other people on here.  So I must ask to limit your cussing on here.  I'd say there is to be none, but I can't because I have a bad feeling very few would follow that rule.


3) Speaking of religion, don't judge, especially when concerning religion.  Any religion is to be accepted here. 


4) We're a family here.  It seems like everyone who joins slowly becomes part of that because we're all so nice to each other and care for one another.  That won't change any time soon.  It's one of the reasons I don't want major fighting - it has a great affect on everything, as shown with our first encounter with it.  You are to be kind on the people here, just as you would if they were actually your family.  Accept you don't live with us, so we tend to be easier to deal with ;).  And don't forget that we are here for you, so you can tell us what's on your mind and we'll help.


Those are my four main rules.  Follow them, or I will find some way to deal with you, the major punishment being deletion from the site.  I hope it doesn't have to come to that with anyone on here.  I'm generally nice and forgiving, but there's only so much I can take when anyone does anything to my "family", or if they purposefully break my rules.


And the final thing here - there is a promise we have all made among each other.  It was created by Shizake Uchiha.  This promise is something I want those who truly want to be part of FFW to make.  Here is the promise and those who have made it.  If I forget your name, please tell me:

 "No matter what we won't let anything come between any of us and we will remain friends through the worst of times."

Shizake Uchiha

Sasaui Uchiha

Destiny Girl 

Silver Wolf

Rowan Rose

Oma Zar Zur Ring

Purple Dinosaur 




Silver Mist Guild 


If I forgot anyone, please tell me.  If you'd like to make the promise as well, then I still want you to tell me. 


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